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Study Description

SHUTi OASIS is an interactive, web-based training program designed to improve the sleep of adults with insomnia. It was developed at the University of Virginia with funding from the National Institute on Aging. SHUTi OASIS provides a tailored educational program to individuals 55 years of age and older who are experiencing sleep difficulties, including those having difficulty falling asleep, waking in the middle of the night, or waking too early in the morning. The purpose of this study is to find out if an Internet intervention is an effective way to treat insomnia for this population.


Interested and motivated individuals are needed to help evaluate SHUTi OASIS. Participation in this study would involve the following steps:

  1. Fill out the interest form on this website.
  2. Research staff will determine if you meet initial eligibility criteria.
  3. If you meet initial eligibility criteria, we will contact you by email and schedule a phone interview.
  4. During the phone interview, we will explain the study and discuss the criteria for enrollment. We will have time to answer any questions or concerns you may have during the phone call. If you choose to participate, you will electronically sign a consent form.
  5. We will then continue with the phone screen and ask you questions about your sleep, health, and history.
  6. If you are not eligible for the study, this information will be shared with you at that time.
  7. If you are eligible for the study, you will be sent an email with unique login information.
  8. Eligible individuals will be instructed to complete an online Questionnaire. These questions will take about 1 hour to complete. The questions ask about your sleep, general health, mental health, and daily life activities.
  9. Once the Questionnaire is completed, you will be asked to enter online Sleep Diaries for 10 days. The Sleep Diaries only take 2-3 minutes to enter and ask about simple sleep behaviors (e.g., what time did you fall asleep).
  10. After completing the online Questionnaire and 10 online Sleep Diaries, you will be randomly assigned (like the flip of a coin) to 1 of 3 study groups. You have an equal chance of being assigned to a group. One group will use a website with information about insomnia. The other group will use an interactive Internet program with tailored instructions about how to improve your sleep. The Internet program includes weekly assignments and personalized feedback. The third group will use the same interactive Internet program with additional monitoring of your progress and help prompts.
  11. After 9 weeks, you will be asked to complete another online Questionnaire and 10 more online Sleep Diaries. You will be asked to do this again 6 months and then 12 months later.
  12. We will send you a $50 gift certificate to giftcertificates.com after completing the assessments at 9 weeks and 6 months. The gift certificate can be redeemed at hundreds of online and brick-and-mortar merchants. We will send you a $100 gift certificate after completing the assessment at 12 months.
More details can be found in the consent form.


We are committed to protecting your privacy. Here is how we will ensure your privacy is protected:

  1. The information you submit is stored on a secured server. Our servers meet HIPAA Privacy Rule protections (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).
  2. Our servers are maintained by the Information and Technology Communication staff at the University of Virginia Health System who continually assess our network structure to make sure we are using the latest software in security technology.
  3. Only a few authorized research staff have access to these servers. We strictly limit who can access the data and only those researchers intimately involved with our programs are included. All research staff have completed our Institutional Review Board (IRB) trainings.
  4. All studies in which our Internet interventions are involved have been reviewed and approved by the University of Virginia IRB as required by federal regulations regarding human research studies. The primary role of the IRB is to protect the safety and welfare of human participants.
You will find more information about privacy protections in the study consent form.


Click here to print out a copy of the Consent Form. The consent form provides details about the study. You will go through this with a staff member if you appear eligible to participate in the study.

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